A couple of weeks ago I modeled for the web launch of a new product called Face Fitnez.  The premise is simple, if we can tone the muscles in our body through exercise, why not the muscles in our face?  I’m a bit of a skeptic, so for me, the jury is still out, but it got me thinking.  There could be something to this – and it’s a lot less invasive then some of the alternatives out there.

The concept isn’t revolutionary, TIME Magazine ran a cool photo essay on Facial Yoga and proclaimed “Skip the Botox, try Facial Yoga”.  The yoga lion pose, for example, stretches the jaw muscles and engages muscles around the eyes as well as the platysma muscle of the throat. To perform it, open your mouth wide while turning your eyes toward the middle of your forehead, exhale powerfully and reach out with your tongue.  Hmmm.

I did a little research, and learned that there are approximately 30 muscles in your face. They are responsible for tasks such as closing your eyes and lips, chewing, speaking, kissing and expressing emotions.  Wikipedia says that they generally originate on bone, and insert on the skin of the face.


The general response from the medical world suggests that although the concept of exercising facial muscles in order to achieve a youthful look is compelling, there is no credible evidence to suggest efficacy.  We exercise our facial muscles thousands of times a day, yet the aging process still marches on.

So… I thought I’d share the scoop and let you be the judge.  Don’t laugh, I’ve got some sweet moves.

Here’s their pitch:

As you age, you face and neck muscles weaken and sag. Soon, tired, drained and old replaces toned firm and young. Just as a body builder can develop and sculpt specific muscles on their body, face and neck muscles can be firmed, lifted and sculpted…. effectively erasing years off your face.


It’s not just for the ladies either, men too can tone their faces just like they pump up their pecs.  This male model, his name is Dan, is a jujitsu master, this is not for sissies:



Face Fitnez claims that with regular, consistent exercise you can:

  • Get rid of frown lines, worry wrinkles and crows feet
  • Dramatically diminish under eye circles, puffy hooded eyes and crepey skin
  • You can re-define your jawline banishing jowls, double chin, and deep creases that form from your nose to the sides of your mouth
  • You can firm and tone your neck, getting rid of turkey waddle, and neck banding.
  • Your skin will rejuvenate and have a healthy, natural glow
  • ….all these benefits can be had in 15-20 minutes a day!

Sounds good, right?



Once they’re up and running, Face Fitnez will offer downloadable Basic Training E-DVD’s, one on one coaching lessons via Skype and live workshops.


If you’re in Colorado and interested in attending an introductory workshop (the first one is this Friday), follow this link Facefitnez Workshop, or contact Grace Mosgeller, licensed esthetician, massage therapist, spa owner and creator of FaceFitnez at



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