This fall I worked my tail off in a program called Fit Photage. The brainchild of trainer Michele Sodon, Fit Photage is a focused plan that “promotes the production and preservation of lean muscle mass and the reduction of adipose tissue”. TRANSLATION, 12 weeks with a serious commitment to strength training and a super clean diet with an emphasis on protein and you’ll loose the jiggle, the muffin, the double-buckle, and look fit and strong!

So what’s the difference between Fit Photage and all the other fitness programs filling up your inbox this resolution week?  The photage part! Trust me when I say you work a little harder knowing your results will be documented! I was a little nervous, but shouldn’t have been, photographer Dustin Sheffield was amazing to work with, the photo shoot was fun and we laughed a lot.

Michele provides the exercise and nutrition plans including menus and recipes. You can train with her like I did, or get all of the info and participate remotely – she has Fit Photage clients all over.

My two cents: I loved the work outs, Michele has changed my mind-set from one of working out just to fit in my skinny jeans, to one of working out to feel strong, inside and out. Also, I adore hot power vinyasa (yoga) and was able to keep that in the mix during my 12 week program. I’d give myself an A+ on following the exercise guidelines and a C on the nutrition – I’m a pretty clean eater but I can stand to clean it up a little more!

Here are a couple “before” pictures (nice face), you can see I’m pretty skinny but soft, and are those love handles???



And the “afters”, big thanks to Mika Yoga Wear for the awesome outfit in the first 3! (I’m wearing the Lynn top, $43 and the Mikaela short, $36).






My photo shoot was in late November, afterwards I decided to ease up, not be so strict and let life happen for a little while. Well, what happened for me were Thanksgiving pies, Christmas cookies and cocktails – you know the drill. So, the new year brings new focus and I’m back at it! I’ll post photos again!

Happy Exercising!

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