I started 7014luxe.com to share all my fun finds.   I think a good blog, like a good book, is a labor of love and truly personal, a glimpse into someone’s life.

photo by Wendy Schott www.wendyschottphoto.com

photo by Wendy Schott http://www.wendyschottphoto.com

I think 90% of fashion and lifestyle blogs are born from the urging of friends and family:  Your best friend needs a new eye cream, your work-out buddy needs running tights, your sister needs to dress for a beach wedding and they all say, “Thank you, you really should start a blog about this”.  For years.  You decide to share the love, and boom.  You’re a blogger.


7014luxe.com has personal meaning.  I live in Evergreen, Colorado,elevation 7014 feet above sea level.  This quirky mountain town is part of who I am and it knows a thing or two about the luxe life.

This is a place where you need your trail running shoes, your ski boots and your stilettos – maybe all in the same day.

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