photo by Wendy Schott www.wendyschottphoto.comhair by Lucinda Quattrochi www.195unionsalon.com make-up by Christa Lee www.195unionsalon.com

photo by Wendy Schott http://www.wendyschottphoto.com
hair by Lucinda Quattrochi http://www.195unionsalon.com
make-up by Christa Lee http://www.195unionsalon.com



Lauren Lauritano

retail guru

product junkie 



I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and a brand new blogger, this is my youngest baby and I’m thrilled to be getting started!  I’m passionate about writing and more than a little bit obsessed with fashion & lifestyle magazines and blogs.

My favorite blogs are eye candy, lots of them are written by 20-something beauties and I love, love, love to see what they’re up to – it’s fresh and it’s hip.  As a stay at home Mom with 3 kids and 2 dogs, I may need to tweak the uptake and implementation.  This is eye candy with life experience and smile lines around the eyes.

I decided to take 7014luxe.com live on March 18, 2013 because I was born on September 18, 1973.  I want forty to be freaking fabulous.  This is a journey – 6 months of bettering myself and preparation.  I’ll share what I’m wearing, what I’m using, what works for me, what I’m coveting and what inspires me.

I’m fashion obsessive and a product junkie.  I’ve read all the mags, followed all the blogs and tried every beauty balm and hair serum out there.  You don’t have to, I’ll share my edits.

Speaking of inspiration, these are my sweet husband and children:

photo by Wendy Schott www.wendyschottphoto.com

photo by Wendy Schott http://www.wendyschottphoto.com


Shopping is my passion.  It’s my hobby, my therapy, my job – and I’m really good at it.  I learned from the best.  I had a Mom who could shop anywhere.  Anywhere.  Neiman Marcus, the Good Will, an outdoor Art Fair.  A rest stop trading post along the highway on a family road trip was an opportunity for a chunky turquoise bracelet or kitschy piece of art.   Back to school shopping was an EVENT, planned and curated.

So, I know how to shop everywhere and mix the steals with the splurges.  I love a good high-low outfit:  designer boots, your favorite fitting jeans and a yummy cashmere sweater mixed with a tank from Target, a scarf from The Gap and a sleeve of J. Crew bracelets.  You can put this concept in play for pretty much any outfit or event.

As a stylist, what I do is not just about shopping, it’s about determining what your “go-to” items are.  I love to purge a closet with a client, it’s a like a conversation, you really get to know someone.

I have a formula that I use and the keys are to:

– identify your body type and dress for it

– analyze and edit your closet

– make a shopping list – identify splurge worthy pieces and bargain basics

– build your wardrobe and then add key pieces each season to bump up what you   have and stay on trend – without being a slave to trends

photo by Wendy Schott www.wendyschottphoto.com

photo by Wendy Schott http://www.wendyschottphoto.com

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12 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I love that you haven’t changed!!!! There was a reason we were roomies. I love all the same things! You and your 300 sweaters that took up our whole room. Miss you!!! Check out my blog too. http://www.vintagejolie.blogspot.com.
    Different, and with two under 3, I don’t have much time for regular posts, but I muse on anything from mommy-hood to books, etc. I’m trying to get a fiction chic lit-ish book published so,
    apparently I have to have a blog. Follow me, and I’ll follow you. Ha! Lord knows I need some fashion pick-me-ups. You look gorgeous btw!!!! 40’s got nothing on you! xoxoxoxox

  2. We are so proud of you and your new venture. Katie can be your little luxe protege as I am not really sure that she was born to the right mother.
    Looking forward to reading lots more posts and finding out all your secrets of looking fabulous at almost 40.
    The ATL Tuckers

    • Thanks Annette – so nice to hear from you! Katie needs to come to Evergreen & do a photo shoot with Lucy, Miss Lulu was very upset that she wasn’t in ALL of the pictures taken that day! 😉

  3. OMG – this is SOOOO great Lauren!! Congratulations! I am rarely on FB these days (life with 3 young kids, to which I know you can relate), but I was checking the other day and saw one of your updates and link to your new blog. I will definitely follow you. Let me know if you’re ever in Seattle…my closet is in DESPERATE need of purging, updating, repurposing…maybe something even more drastic!! LOL

    Seriously, I love your writing style as it is exactly how you talk (or at least how I remember your sense of humor) and I can practically hear your voice and contagious laugh as I’m reading. I wish you nothing but the best in your new endeavor. Cheers!

    PS Stop making me so homesick for ‘the Green!!

    PPS Your family is darling and say hi to John!

    • Tia, you might be my #1 fan! 😉
      Thank you so much for that sweet, sweet message. I may have to make a trip to Seattle – open up some wine, organize the closet, catch up & see your darling kids! Thanks Again!
      John says hi too!

    • So nice to hear from you Tia!! I’m so glad you like the blog, thank you so much for your kind words – I am having so much fun with this! Please let me know if you ever come visit the ‘green – love to catch up! Hugs to you & your beautiful family. xoxo LML

  4. Oh my! Lauren this is so awesome! I am impressed and had NO IDEA! And your hair….it is so long and Lucinda styled it along with Wendy taking the photographs! How perfect is that! So well done!!!
    And I see the “Tizo” sunscreen for Spring Break:) It is the best I have found!
    Congrats and thank you for sharing!
    Warmest wishes Lauren,

    • Thank you Candice!!! Yes, Tizo rocks – pretty much the only sunscreen I’ve used on my face since you introduced me to it. Miss you & your fabulous skincare – hope Cali is great!

  5. Lauren,

    Such fun reading your blog. Got any ideas for an old lady like me to shake up the Sarasota, FL scene?

    Love to you and your handsome family,


  6. Hey Lauren – Somehow I got your Blog a couple of weeks ago and just realized it was you! Such a small world!!! I look forward to hearing more from you…Ellen Foley Hojel (Judy and Ned’s daughter)

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