On my recent reunion with far flung friends from college days, we thought it would be fun to steal a page from Oprah’s playbook and gift each other with one of our “Favorite Things”.  Since there were nine of us, and none of us are Oprah, we set a $20 limit and each brought a […]


my grandmother’s garden 1977 You don’t have to grow your own – today’s natural grocery stores and organic purveyors have  made it EASY to get your greens:  Here’s a product I found at Whole Foods and LOVE, I love the name, I love the convenience packaging and I love the mix.  Make a quick salad, […]


I have received so many questions on this, I’m re-posting the juicing blog with a few notes: 1. The juicer that Laurie mentions below, the Omega VRT 350, is certainly the Cadillac of juicers, and the $400-ish price tag reflects that.  If money’s not an issue – get it!  I cannot say this enough though, juicing […]


  Last week I blogged about cleansing and I promised to give you the goods on juicing.  However, I am not nearly as qualified to break it down as my dear friend and nutritional pro, Laurie Blankenship.  Laurie makes juices for me, taught me how to juice & inspires me on a daily basis.  She’s […]


I love art.  I truly admire the artistic process, whether its a brush on canvas, a photograph on film, or a colorist’s highlights in your hair.  Mixology is an art form.  A true Mixologist doesn’t t just splash a few things in a glass and call it a cocktail, they use nuances and flavors similar […]