This fall I worked my tail off in a program called Fit Photage. The brainchild of trainer Michele Sodon, Fit Photage is a focused plan that “promotes the production and preservation of lean muscle mass and the reduction of adipose tissue”. TRANSLATION, 12 weeks with a serious commitment to strength training and a super clean […]


  When I first started my blog (a whole 38 days ago), I hired the genius behind one of my very favorite daily reads for a 90 minute consultation on all things blog.  Victoria McGinley of Vmac&Cheese was kind enough to share her time, thoughts, experience and wisdom with me.  She was insightful and helpful, […]


A couple of weeks ago I modeled for the web launch of a new product called Face Fitnez.  The premise is simple, if we can tone the muscles in our body through exercise, why not the muscles in our face?  I’m a bit of a skeptic, so for me, the jury is still out, but […]


On my recent reunion with far flung friends from college days, we thought it would be fun to steal a page from Oprah’s playbook and gift each other with one of our “Favorite Things”.  Since there were nine of us, and none of us are Oprah, we set a $20 limit and each brought a […]


This is me, age eight, the same age my daughter is now.  Look at all those cute little freckles.  Somewhere along the line, they stopped being cute freckles and became “brown spots”, “sun damage” and “hyper pigmentation”.  They’re bigger now and decidedly not cute.  I’ve used hydroquinone, lasers, chemical peels and most recently, a Dermaroller […]


Unless I’m being photographed, or going “out”, I keep my make-up pretty minimal.  Minimal at 39 1/2 is a tad more than minimal was at 20-something.  Back then it was a swipe of lip gloss & a little mascara. This is my daily ritual now, I mix Elizabeth Arden Prevage advanced anti-aging serum (this is […]