FIRST THINGS FIRST – I do a complimentary consultation and questionnaire.  I need to determine your style personality and needs.  When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?  How often do you “dress” up?  How many pairs of jeans do you own?  All sorts of questions that help me efficiently assess.  From there I can create a custom program based on hourly rates or you can purchase services a la carte as needed.


CLOSET EDIT – If you only do one thing, this is the thing.  Women, especially Moms, have things hanging in there from a decade ago.  We need to purge the unflattering, outdated or damaged goods – I can tell you what to keep, donate, consign or alter.  Then we organize and make sense of what stays.  You’d be amazed how a little clarity and space can allow you to “shop in your closet” and create looks and develop options with what you already own.


WHAT TO BUY – So, this is the fun part.  After clearing out the DONT’s, I create an Updates List for styling the DO’s that didn’t get purged.  You may have a great skirt in your closet that you love, but if you don’t have the top or shoes to go with it you’re never going to wear it.  Never.  This list will be prioritized by categories like: basics, smart buys, timeless pieces, seasonal accessories and current trends.  Your list is customized based on your lifestyle, body type, upcoming events or occasions, basic wardrobe needs, and of course, budget.


PRODUCT CONSULT – My years and years as a self-proclaimed product junkie are really helpful here.  Need a hair oil, a beauty balm, a new lip gloss?  I am CONSTANTLY trying new products, can give recommendations and reviews and have edited my favorites list into an art form!


PERSONAL SHOPPING – Here’s where the legwork comes in.  Some people hate to shop.  I will never be one of those people, but I get it, and I know how busy life is.  I also know that it’s great to try things on in your own home, away from fluorescent lights and pushy salespeople.  Even better, to have someone take care of the returns for you if something doesn’t work.  Personal Shopping can mean attacking your must-haves list or keeping you current seasonally and is customizable to both beer and champagne budgets!


EVENT ENSEMBLE – Maybe you don’t need a total closet revamp, but you do have a big event coming up.  We can tailor a look from head to toe – and I really mean head to toe – from the shampoo to the dress to the pedicure, I’ll lay it all out for you and all you have to do is arrive.


WHAT TO PACK – If you’ve got a trip coming up, this can be one of the hardest parts of travel.  Though I can’t guarantee sunshine on your beach vacation, I can help you with a packing list that has you ready for almost anything, anywhere.


PHOTO DECK – I can create this on paper or electronically, it’s a comprehensive tool that helps you capitalize on our progress and remember which scarf goes with which jacket and so on.


UPDATES – Once your wardrobe is in place we can add on-trend or seasonal updates as needed to stay current.  A bi-annual closet purge is always a good idea; did you wear that sweater?  If not, it goes this round!


Most services are based upon an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour

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